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Canine Respiratory Disease Outbreak

Canine Respiratory Disease Outbreak

Illinois Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

College of Veterinary Medicine


We are recommending that if you have a suspect case that you take two oropharyngeal swabs (one synthetic swab in saline or PBS and a bacterial transport swab - AMIES swab) or tracheal wash for detection of known respiratory bacterial and viral pathogens.


We will run our routine viral testing for Influenza A, COVID, CAdV 1 and 2 CHV1, CDV. If appropriate, 16S rRNA sequencing and whole genome sequencing can be done. We will do routine bacterial culture and mycoplasma PCR including M. cynos. Blood in EDTA and serum would be helpful for further investigation.


If you have necropsy tissue lung, trachea, bronchial lymph node and spleen should be submitted refrigerated or cooled on ice and as well as formalin fixed tissue for histopathology. Regular testing fees will apply.  


If you have questions, please contact us at 217-333-1620 or email