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Clinical Pathology Residency Training

Program Description

The clinical pathology residency program at the University of Illinois Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is a 3-year program designed to prepare candidates for a career in veterinary clinical pathology and board certification by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP). The third year is carried through August, to include time off to study and take the exam. Preparation for the certifying examination is emphasized through weekly journalclub meetings, informal slide seminars, and an annual mock board examination. Residents are encouraged to attend and/or present at regional or national pathology conferences, including the ACVP/ASVCP concurrent annual meeting.




Diagnostic Service

While on clinical duty, residents interpret cytologic samples, examine and interpret blood smears, and train in laboratory quality assurance and quality control. Individualized daily support is provided by four clinical pathology faculty members. The University of Illinois clinical pathology receives a robust cytology caseload, including cases within the Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, nationwide veterinary referralhospitals, and local primary care clinics. Small animal cases comprise approximately 90% of the cytology caseload, with the remaining 10% consisting of exotic/zoo animal or large animal cases.


Residents are actively involved in teaching of veterinary students, primarily consisting of reviewing cytology cases with small groups of senior veterinary students. Additional opportunities are available for residents to assist in or lead laboratory sessions focused on urinalysis and basic hematology procedures for first and second-year veterinary students. While on primary diagnostic service, residents also provide instruction to house officers through weekly cytology rounds.



The clinical pathology residency program provides academic training towards a Master’s degree, although opportunities also exist for residents to pursue a combined residency/Ph. D. program. Academic coursework is focused largely on biostatistics and general pathology concepts. All residents complete a resident research project suitable for completion of their intended degree, and clinical pathology faculty can assist in identifying a suitable mentor and project.


First Year Second Year Third Year
Dr. Nick Noto Dr. Chandler Carter Dr. Samantha Lee


Dr. Anne Barger Dr. Sara Connolly Dr. Mike Rosser Dr. Amy Schnelle



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